Creating social impact and solving wicked problems

Your specialist in the field of sustainability, class actions, open standards and mass claims. The Evaluators realise and increase social impact and reduce behavioural risks through an interdisciplinary approach and through an appropriate interaction between practice and science in the field of public affairs, communication, legal & compliance.

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The Evaluators

Help with wicked problems in general

The Evaluators is your partner to prevent and resolve mass claims and collective actions, to assist in dealing with open social standards, and for guidance on socially complex cases such as sustainability issues. These types of cases are also referred to as wicked problems .

The Evaluators boasts an extensive network of professionals, including the world's leading experts in this field.

We focus on our cases from the perspective of different disciplines. Our assignments mean to implement, draft and assess policies against real-life practice so as to mitigate the risk of mass claims in the future.

Advice and strategy practice

We are happy to provide assistance with issues involving the interpretation and handling of principle-based standards, for instance in terms of sustainability, duty of care and integrity. This will not only help to prevent mass claims, but it will also help to manage these and provide valuable lessons, enabling rapid growth and making it possible creating social impact . We put the lessons learned from mass claims into effect by providing a range of behavioural training programmes, in-depth training courses and personal coaching on how to deal with socially sensitive and complex cases often involving mass claims.

Finally we specialise in joining forces with strategic, operational, risk-analysis, financial, communications and legal disciplines to set up and further manage collective actions. We also provide assistance in settling mass claims as quickly, controlled and sustainably as possible.

Holistic approach

Our interdisciplinary (integral) approach allows us to adequately provide legal assistance in mass claims and collective actions and to settle these in cooperation with the best experts. This may cut costs significantly. We are keen to join forces with experts from the world of science, meaning that our approach is based on the latest and most creative insights.

Based on our triangle (politics, science and real-life practice), we are also your specialist for professional assistance in guidance by implementing sustainability law and regulation, evaluating and setting up actions to investigate wicked problems and laying down solutions that can count on support among the stakeholders involved.

We believe that a reliable, independent highly qualified expert with lived experience (Evaluator ) adds essential value to promote a level playing field between businesses, public authorities and citizens. We see this level playing field as the basis for a proper-functioning society.


Do you need help in dealing with wicked problems such as sustainability law and regulations, mass claims, collective actions and principle-based standards? Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

We look forward to a pleasant and effective cooperation.

Kind regards,

Bonne van Hattum

Founding partner of The Evaluators


Our world has changed. It has become global, it uses state-of-the-art technologies, demands more transparency in terms of conduct and related actions because authority is no longer simply taken for granted, and in this new world the use of social media has made citizens more powerful than ever. To cut a long story short: on the one hand the world is full of behavioural risks , consisting in particular of the risk of reputational damage, liabilities and mass claims, and on the other hand this new world provides ordinary citizens with more and more opportunities to fight for their rights.


In this new world, The Evaluators aims to be a partner for all stakeholders facing these types of behavioural risks , who can promote a level playing field between parties and thus effectively contribute to properly operating markets and an optimally functioning society.


Our objective, therefore, being an Evaluator , is to promote a level playing field in the world of wicked problems , and more specifically mass claims, so that these problems may be resolved in the most adequate manner.

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Our focus group

We are always ready to serve organisations, their employees and directors who are facing or expect to face wicked problems and behavioural risks and/or who would like to create social impact in order to increase their reliability and stability.

Our clients

  • are keen to reach a mutually acceptable solution to a wicked problem in a level playing field with all stakeholders;
  • respect principle-based standards, participatory processes, and are devoted to procedural justice;
  • stand for an organisation that actually delivers what it promises;
  • are determined to address their behavioural risks quickly, in a controlled manner, firmly steering towards that final result;
  • are keen to create social impact so that they resolve the underlying issue not only for themselves but also for others;
  • are aware that behavioural risks can never be eliminated 100%;
  • go for quality in terms of contents and processes;
  • believe in proactively addressing behavioural risks where possible, rather than a responsive approach;
  • would like to learn from behavioural risks and benefit in the future from those lessons learned.

Why our expertise stands out

  • Because of our holistic approach that enables us to think and act outside the box and create the most appropriate solution for behavioural-risk cases;
  • Because we combine real-life practice with science, enabling us to draw on state-of-the-art expertise, methods, technologies and our influential network to achieve desired solutions;
  • Because of our prominent network that may be mobilized in order to strengthen ties with legislators, supervisory authorities, the media and politicians, if required, and that enables us to create the adequate impact in terms of contents or to obtain the latest expertise and experience.

As a result, we ensure that

  • complex social issues can be settled adequately and without excessive legal costs;
  • complex social issues are managed adequately by the organisation or by stakeholders in general, in a bid to minimise behavioural risks ;
  • mass claims in and outside the Netherlands can be initiated and settled professionally;
  • organisations can learn valuable lessons from a scandal, mass claim or complex social issue;
  • benefits - instead of losses - can be achieved as a result of the subject/dossier or issue at stake (creating social impact ).
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The story behind The Evaluators

During her law studies at Leiden University, Bonne van Hattum was introduced to the legal concept of mass tort, which made a lasting impression and has stayed on her mind forever since. The subject encompasses everything that makes her tick. In fact, it is a wicked problem , a topic that enables her to combine her love for politics, her creative heart and her fascination for the law. She loves to pioneer and explore. Not surprisingly, she kicked off her working life by first acquiring the basic skills and expertise in the legal profession. After that, she went in search of new stakeholders who were not yet proficient in dealing with mass claims she could show them the ropes. This way she made a journey, via the world of supervisory authorities and science, to a big-4 law firm and a bank.

After finishing that journey, Bonne went for the appropriate next step: setting up her own business based on the core values freedom, creativity and personal responsibility. A venture in the area of (potential) mass tort, wicked problems in general, the interpretation of principle-based standards, collective actions and behavioural-risk management.

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People behind The Evaluators

Bonne van Hattum (door

Bonne van Hattum

Bonne van Hattum is the founding partner of The Evaluators. She is The Expert on behavioural risk . Her specialism particularly concerns the implementation and explanition of sustainability law and regulation activities, the application of principle-based standards, the resolution of wicked problems , creating social impact, and settling mass claims. She is an astute lawyer with a holistic and strategic view. Bonne can open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

Bonne is successful in proactively and permanently resolving socially complex issues for organisations. In doing so, she easily connects the legal discipline with other areas of expertise such as economic, communicative and more quantitatively driven disciplines in the area of ICT and risk management. Bonne herself operates at the interface of corporate affairs, governance, compliance, legal and risk management.

Bonne combines her professional practice with science as well as politics. This triangle makes her powerful in her ability to address and solve wicked problems at their core. It enables her, through the world of science, to acquire the latest knowledge and methods in the area of wicked problems and social impact, and to properly assess their implementation potential through her political experience and network.


The Evaluators is proud to be joining forces with:

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