Our proposition

Advice and practical support

We provide expert advice as well as practical support in preventing and resolving behavioural-risk cases or wicked problems such as mass claims, collective actions, duty-of-care or open-standard matters and integrity issues.

In doing so, we will be happy to take on the role of an Evaluator : a mediator, process facilitator and expert all in one.


We also help you in finding the right partners, for instance for developing tooling to be able to manage wicked problems as adequately as possible. We will gladly provide the right expertise and network for this.


Finally, we will be happy to provide regular training sessions, courses, and we also organise knowledge & networking events on our topics.

Woman standing on spiral stairs (Danist Soh)


A mediator, process facilitator and expert all in one, who unburdens clients and brings parties together through expertise on the process and contents.


1. Implementation, interpretation, drafting and assessment of policies against workplace practice and the needs posed by society;

2. Drafting of risk analyses, claim assessments, external responses and legal opinions;

3. Providing assistance in dealing with supervisory authorities, politics and the media;

4. Providing guidance and advice on handling wicked problems, mass claims and open social standards;

5. Closing the gap between policy and real-life practice.

Providing solutions

1. Assessment of the chance of success for an issue to develop into a mass claim;

2. Internal and external guidance on resolving mass claims (litigation support);

3. Assistance in initiating and conducting negotiations with various stakeholders;

4. Strategy definition, scope determination and risk evaluation;

5. Providing support to investigative committees on how to handle wicked problems;

6. Assistance in setting up a mass-claim litigation foundation, third party funder, and/or a Dutch branch of a foreign law firm;

7. Arranging funding to initiate a mass claim.

Knowledge development

1. Delivering courses and lectures on how to handle wicked problems, mass claims and principle-based standards;

2. Evaluation of the process involving the settlement of a mass claim and drafting recommendations for a change of policy, product development, corporate culture (behavioural-risk framework adjustments);

3. Attendance of and setting up events: round tables, conferences, expert meetings on mass-claim developments, on how to approach wicked problems and changes in society that have an impact on behavioural risks within an organisation;

4. Research into and publishing on wicked problems, mass claims, principle-based standards, changes in society, social-impact opportunities and behavioural risks in general;

5. Personal coaching on how to create social impact and/or how to handle wicked problems, including mass claims.

Wicked Problem

A complex, ambiguous problem, for instance a mass claim